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Bell Too Quiet

If the bell gives a muffled “plink” sound rather than a “ding”, it may be due to the clapper staying in contact with the bell after the strike. This keeps the bell from resonating properly. You may be able to loosen the center screw of the bell and create some separation by shifting the bell slightly or rotating it. If that doesn’t work, see if you can reform the clapper to be a bit further from the bell.

Broken Drawband

The drawband attaches to the mainspring and the end of the carriage. This is what moves the carriage as you type. If it’s broken, not much is going to happen. This is a very common problem, and the level of difficulty varies from easy to frustrating, depending on the typewriter model. Look for model specific details on procedure.

A variety of materials will work as a replacement drawband. The most common is probably fishing line, but you can also use shoe strings, whipping twine, even metal bands.

White Rust

A powdery white substance sometimes found on metal parts. Remove with wire or stiff nylon brush + denatured alcohol.

white rust on margin control

white rust on margin control