Drawband Replacement

This is likely one of the easiest machines for this operation. The spring barrel is exposed and the path of the cord is straight and accessible. Start with the typewriter facing away from you.

  1. Remove the carriage by releasing margins and sliding it off the left end of the machine (your right)
  2. Remove the old cord if parts are still present (save the metal hook)
  3. Cut a new cord out of fishing line (I used 60 lb test). It should be about the same length as the original. Try 13" if you don’t have the original to compare.
  4. Feed the new cord through the hole in the metal carriage hook, and tie a fat knot at the end to prevent it from pulling back through
  5. Place the hook onto the carriage fork
  6. Feed the cord through the wire loop
  7. Tie a fat knot in the other end of the cord
  8. Wind the spring barrel 3 times counter-clockwise and HOLD IT
  9. Slip the end of the cord without the hook into the hole in the side of the spring barrel. Pull the cord gently to the right until it slips into the slot and catches on the knot.
  10. Wind the cord counter-clockwise around the spring barrel until the slack is gone
  11. Replace the carriage slowly, making sure that it picks up the hook on the way by

DONE! Test it out!